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Summer has just started and with it the season of events. Choosing the perfect look as a guest is sometimes a complicated task influenced by many factors that determine our choice: where the event will be held, what kind of ceremony we will attend and so on.

To achieve a perfect guest look, the key is balance. We want a look that stands out, but which is not excessive or attention-seeking. The most important thing is to choose a look that expresses our personality.

Alba LAZARÍ offer you a selection of distinctive designs to help you to choose the perfect guest look. With our elegant and flattering creations, you will achieve that desired balance between elegance and glamour.

Wearing our exclusive dresses and two-piece sets, all featuring our exclusive and exquisite prints in a range of flattering colours, your Alba LAZARÍ outfit will ensure you are impeccably dressed for any event.

GRACE DRESS. The light and pastel colours adapt perfectly, providing a sophisticated and chic look.

CHARLOTTE TWO-PIECE SET. This two-piece set is the perfect choice for those guests looking for an alternative to a dress adding a touch of style and differentiation.

OLYMPIA DRESS. Floral prints are always a safe bet and the ideal choice for those seeking a romantic look.

SHAWL SERPENTINE. Accessories are a key element, adding style to your look for the big day.









The art of classic elegance


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