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The LAZARI surname stems from designer Alba Rodal’s Italian heritage. Her ancestors moved from Italy to Cangas, Galicia, Spain, several generations ago. Ventura LAZARI, Alba’s great grandfather, left his artistic heritage in the religious imagery which can still be enjoyed by visitors during the Easter Week in Cangas. 

Fashion brand Alba LAZARI – synonymous with style, elegance, creativity, exquisite fabrics and excellent tailoring – was established with the launch of the first collection, made in Italy, in 2015.

It’s very clear that having a unique point of differentiation is extremely important – we achieve this by making all of our garments with printed fabrics featuring our own exclusive designs, which are not available anywhere else. 

At Alba LAZARI our sketches and ideas evolve to the final creation with a balance of shapes, colours and a classic elegance. Our creations are made in an artisan way following an elaborate process for every design, from initial sketches to the final production, ensuring quality excellence in manufacturing and finishing. 


Alba LAZARI combines a classic and timeless silhouette with original patterns, designed to dress women who are seeking exclusive creations. With our original and flattering designs, women will achieve the desired balance between elegance and femininity, without ever losing their own style.


After studying Design and Visual Arts at the University of Vigo, Spain, I made the decision to follow my passion for textiles and moved to Alcoi, Alicante, to study Textile Design & Technology. After gaining extensive experience as a textile designer, I spent a period sharing my enthusiasm in the role of arts teacher at a high school.

From here, my next move was into the world of interior design. I moved to A Coruña, Galicia, where I helped make clients’ ideas become reality by applying my creative talent and design skills to furniture and home décor. The pleasure that clients showed in my work convinced me to start developing the idea to create my own textile clothing brand. 

In 2015 I realized my dream, launching Alba LAZARI, and my first women’s clothing collection made entirely in Italy.

Designing garments for women is inspiring and rewarding work for me. I get great satisfaction from transforming my initial sketches and inspirational ideas into unique and beautifully printed garments, connecting people with fashion, as a form of artistic expression.

I specialise in print design and colour combinations expressing my personal appreciation for the female’s natural beauty. I spend weeks creating each print and selecting the colours, which ensures each garment is as unique and special as the woman who will wear it. I put a lot of detail and love into each design as I believe that garments are a form of artistic expression, each a small piece of art in itself.


My personal vision of femininity and elegance, combined with originality and quality of the highest level, is what makes fashion brand Alba LAZARI so unique, beloved and desired by customers.