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How Alba LAZARÍ Collections are designed?


Workshop Alba LAZARÍ • Print Dania creative process • Costa Bella SS2018 Collection

Each Alba LAZARÍ garment is the result of a meticulous and careful creative process amounting to many months of work.

The inspiration leading to the creation of each of our prints and designs is underpinned by our long experience and technical knowledge which supports the artistic process. Alba Rodal, the designer and founder behind Alba LAZARÍ, elaborates every design as if it were a small work of art and follows personally all the creative and manufacturing processes.


Workshop Alba LAZARÍ • Initial sketches for prints and garments • Costa Bella SS2018 Collection

All the designs of Alba LAZARÍexpress our original style. Following several weeks of work, the hand drawn prints, colours and lines originally sketched on paper are transferred to the PC where the final, precise and detailed work is completed to bring the concept to the final print. Once the design is finished, test prints are made to verify the colour reproduction and quality with the chosen fabric.



  Workshop Alba LAZARÍ • Digitizing the prints• Costa Bella SS2018 Collection

After the printing tests are completed and the best results achieved, the designs are printed on the chosen fabrics. From the first meters of printed fabric emerge our initial samples and prototypes. The patterns for our garments are made by an artisan atelier and during this process we adjust the designs for the best fit and look and make decisions about finishing details such as linings, buttons and so on.


Workshop Alba LAZARÍ • Our exclusive printed fabrics • Costa Bella SS2018 Collection

At Alba LAZARÍ we design all our own prints, meaning they are exclusive – only available from Alba LAZARÍ. Our designs are printed on high quality fabrics that we carefully select. All our garments and accessories are made in the EU in a traditional and artisan way,ensuring quality excellence in manufacturing and finishing.


Workshop Alba LAZARÍ • Finishing detailing• Costa Bella SS2018 Collection

Each Alba LAZARÍ garment is underpinned by a creative and artisan process amounting to many months of work. We are proud of each and every one of our creations; each is a small work of art in itself, an exclusive design with a unique value.


Workshop Alba LAZARÍ • Olympia Dress • Costa Bella SS2018 Collection






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