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The brand: our inspiration

The brand Alba LAZARÍ is a tribute to the feminine world, women are our inspiration. Alba LAZARÍ combines the fashion creations of designer Alba Rodal with contemporary lines and unique patterns and is designed to dress a stylish woman. The Alba LAZARÍ woman is feminine, sophisticated and has her own distinctive style, a result of her innate elegance and knowledge. She looks for exclusivity and well-designed clothes that make her feel feminine without ever losing her own style.

Our garments are very feminine designs with exclusive prints and are made with smooth and delicate fabrics, printed with our colourful and original patterns and enhance the female silhouette with a classic elegance and a timeless character. In addition to being exclusive garments, Alba LAZARÍ creations define a style and way of being. With our elegant and flattering designs, women will achieve the desired balance between elegance and femininity.

When we established Alba LAZARÍ it was very clear to us that having a unique point of differentiation was extremely important – we achieve this by making all of our garments with fabrics featuring our own original prints and exclusive designs. This emphasis on using our own unique prints is the hallmark of our brand and can only found at Alba LAZARÍ.

We take inspiration from nature, art styles, film and architecture. We are inspired by different artistic disciplines and we study different styles and ideas, bringing balance and harmony to our creations.


Simple lines and timeless pieces are safe bets, but we also like to experiment with trends, design and colour, combining them harmoniously, always maintaining that classic beauty.

In our collections we work with straight silhouettes and timeless lines to which we add contrasting elements in the form of colour, prints, texture or materials to provide emphasis in certain points of the garment.

Using our passion and exquisite feel for colours we create beautiful prints to apply to our garments. Whilst we don’t have a favourite palette, we love working with bright colour combinations and combine them in a balanced way.

We combine the sights, sounds and sensations we gain from our travels with artistic knowledge and personal taste into exclusive designs created with our original prints. The beautiful colours and architecture of the Mediterranean are sources of inspiration for many of our designs, together with nature, idyllic landscapes and the ocean, which are all reflected in our creations, helping to shape our exclusive prints. 



The art of classic elegance


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