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Alba LAZARÍ is more than just a name – the LAZARÍ surname stems from the Italian origins of brand creator and chief designer, Alba Rodal. The beautiful Italian landscape, colours and architecture is a source of inspiration for many of our designs.

Our BALCONE line comprises blouses and tops with very feminine lines, printed in exquisite silk. BALCONE is inspired by the wonderful balconies of Italy with their multitude of different architectural and artistic styles, as well as their wide colour range. BALCONE takes us from Mantua, to the Riviera, and on to the colourful Sicilian balconies.

At Alba LAZARÍ women are central to our inspiration when we create our garments. The Alba LAZARÍ woman is very feminine, elegant and confident. She likes to feel attractive, but without losing her own essence.

 Costa Bella, a holiday destination by the coast, is the name of our new line. Costa Bella comprises elegant dresses and two-piece sets with bright colours and straight lines. The Costa Bella creations are modelled with our exclusive prints that evoke the sea and nature and radiate femininity and elegance.


At Alba LAZARÍ, we give shape to all the elements and sensations that inspire us, creating feminine and flattering garments with which to add a sophisticated and chic look to your wardrobe. Alba LAZARÍ creations are not only unique and exclusive garments, they define a style and a way of being.







The art of classic elegance


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