At Alba LAZARÍ we design our own prints, which means they are unique and distinctive. Each season, we offer garments featuring our original print designs, in a range of very enchanting palettes highlighting the seasonal trend colours.



CHARLOTTE print• Costa Bella SS2018 • Alba LAZARÍ

The complete print design process is carried out in our atelier. During the first weeks, we analyse the season’s trends and incorporate our inspiration and personal taste into the drawings, resulting in the first sketches on paper.



DANIA and ANNA prints • Costa Bella SS2018 • Alba LAZARÍ

We transfer the sketches to the PC where they are ‘vectorised’ using software. It is very precise and detailed work, where we edit the details and the rapport – the repetitions – until we get the desired composition. Then we apply the Pantone® colour palette chosen for each design, creating the final Alba LAZARÍ prints.


CORAL and BELLE prints • Costa Bella SS2018 • Alba LAZARÍ

At Alba LAZARÍ we always carry out preliminary printing tests, so when the designs are finished, we print them all to test colour reproduction and quality with the chosen fabric. Once the desired result is obtained, we print the first meters of fabric with which we create our prototypes.


GRACE and OLYMPIA prints• Costa Bella SS2018 • Alba LAZARÍ

Our designs are printed on high quality fabrics carefully selected by us. We are proud of each of our creations,which are smalls works of art themselves, and of our original prints, the hallmark of Alba LAZARÍ.








The art of classic elegance

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