alba lazari


Alba LAZARÍ is more than a brand that gives name to the creations of designer Alba Rodal. The LAZARÍ surname stems from the Italian origins of her mother’s family, established in Spain for many generations.

Alba Rodal, the founder and designer behind Alba LAZARÍ has always immersed herself in the arts. After graduating in Fine Arts she completed an MA in Textile Design and Technology followed by formal training in Graphic and Interior Design.

In addition to a solid artistic education and ample experience with prints, art, interior design and fashion, Alba also has an exquisite feel for colours, a devotion to detail and a sure sense of what many woman desire: a feminine elegance.

Her career has always been linked to artistic creation and following her work as an interior designer she established the brand Alba LAZARÍ in 2014 to offer women premium and exclusive garments produced in a traditional artisan way.

Alba Rodal elaborates every design as if it were a small work of art. Her creations are recognizable by unique, perfectly colour co-ordinated designs and exclusive prints created by her and influenced by different artistic disciplines such as architecture, film and painting.

Alba combines the sights, sounds and sensations she gains from her travels Alba combines the sights, sounds and sensations she gains from her travels around diverse countries of Europe – countries that together are a source of inspiration for her – with artistic knowledge and personal taste into her original and unique designs.