“BUTTERFLY” Silk Scarves Collection



SERPENTINE Shawl –132×180 cm /Alba LAZARÍ ‘Butterfly’ Collection

 “BUTTERFLY” is inspired by Japanese design, architecture and arts. The prints and coloursplay a major role in this collection, which comprises seven scarves in a range of different sizes, hand finished and with original prints created by Alba Rodal, designer and founder of Alba LAZARÍ.

 The lightness of the silk and the elegance of Alba LAZARÍ prints are fused into luxurious designs, giving rise to timeless accessories that transform any look with their elegance and style.


INFINITO Foulard–55×55 cm /Alba LAZARÍ ‘Butterfly’ Collection

Whatever the occasion, our INFINITO and BUTTERFLY scarves with their elegant combination of colours, adapt exquisitelyto any look. They are ideal to wear knotted around the neck, the strap of a bag, or in the hair as a diadem to achieve a very feminine style.

BUTTERFLY Foulard–55×55 cm /Alba LAZARÍ ‘Butterfly’ Collection


 SERPENTINE Shawl – 132×180 cm / BUTTERFLY Stole – 92×186 cm /Alba LAZARÍ ‘Butterfly’ Collection

The SERPENTINE shawl and the BUTTERFLY stole, two of our most versatile and refined creations, will add a note of sophistication and femininity to any garment with which they are combined. An essential accessory in any wardrobe,theyare an ideal complement to obtain an elegant and ultra-chic look.

ACQUAMARINA Foulard /GOLDEN MIST Foulard/70×70 cm /Alba LAZARÍ ‘Butterfly’ Collection

With its striking multi-coloured geometric print our GOLDEN MIST foulardguarantees you become the centre of attention, as does our ACQUAMARINA scarf, which will illuminate perfectly any lookwith its original print and cheerful colour combination.


SERPENTINE Foulard– 90×90 cm /Alba LAZARÍ ‘Butterfly’ Collection

Withgenerous dimensions and an elegant contrast of colours our SERPENTINE foulard is a beautiful and luxurious scarfwith an elegant print ideal for every-day use. It can be worn around the neck, over the shoulders or on the head to achieve a sophisticated, feminine look.



BUTTERFLY Stole worn as a Top– 92×186 cm /Alba LAZARÍ’Butterfly’ Collection

 Our “BUTTERFLY” creations arefashionable essentials. A distinctive and luxurious collection of elegant silk scarveswith light, cheerful designs. These original prints complement any look, adding a feminine, sophisticated and ultra-chic touch.






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